Friday, November 11, 2011

Glass-Clad Condos

Mary Wiens of CBC Radio One (99.1) is doing a series on Glass Clad condos starting November 14, 2011 on Metro Morning. The series includes interviews with John Straube (Building Science Professor at Waterloo), David House (developer), Sally Thompson and Doug Webber (Engineers at Halsall Associates), Janice Pynn (representing CCI National) and Linda Pinnizotto (Real Estate Agent). The series explores the concept that window-wall clad towers, when compared to towers clad with a lower percentage glass (and a correspondingly higher percentage of highly insulated wall system) might prove to be very problematic in the future as energy costs rise.

CBC Television at Five and Six will have a three-part series as well, featuring some of the same people, along with Ted Kesik (University of Toronto), Jake Smith (engineer at Halsall Associates) and Martin Blake (condo developer).

As a society we need to stop accepting that dishwashers and fridges have Energy Star labels, but buildings do not.

Tune in at 7:40am next Monday to Friday at CBC 1 (99.1) or at 5 or 6 pm Monday to Wednesday on CBC Television to follow the story.  Also, join in with the online component of this story to voice your views.

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