Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tarion Highrise Guidelines Coming

Tarion is developing a Construction Performance Guideline for Common Elements.  The existing Construction Performance Guideline was written to address the needs of individual homes and other low-rise construction, but has never served the high-rise condominium market adequately.  This document will help condominium corporations, Performance Audit authors and builders better understand what has warranty coverage under the Tarion warranties and what does not.  This should reduce the currently never-ending negotiation and make the resolution process more transparent for all involved.

Tarion is also soon rolling out a new claims process for common elements which should radically reduce the time it takes to resolve the claims made under the 1st and 2nd year warranty claims for condominiums registered after July 1 2010.

Both initiatives will be a welcome relief to the industry and to condominium boards.

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